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Yoga Teacher

October 29th, 2022 - June 2023 


200 hour Registered School of Yoga 
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      Modern Hatha Yoga is as old as it is new. The mission is to use ancient wisdom with modern science to create an experience that cultivates self empowerment, mental/physical/emotional well-being. Each teaching experience offered is custom tailored to both individuals and groups present in any class setting. The vehicle we use to do this is Yoga. Teachers from this training are prepared to meet each body where they are and teach people, not just poses. 

    This training stands out in that you will learn as a teacher to reach almost any population and have the skilled yoga "toolset" to do so effectively. There is a strong focus on learning about the psychology of yoga as it pertains to supporting each student, trauma and teaching to special populations.  Extreme care is taken to help you deeply understand the anatomical magic and motor functioning of the body as well as attention to the tenderness and magnificent capacity of the experience of the human spirit. 

   As of the last two years our program has shifted towards supporting social workers, therapists - of all kinds, the medical and education community and first responders. These techniques are heavily backed by peer reviewed science and proven effectiveness for both clients, patients and practitioners in the above mentioned fields. Click the button below to learn more about this program, upcoming training dates and requirements and more. This course teaches traditional yoga asana practice as a conduit to build and strengthen a mindfulness practice. This training is the best of both worlds!

2024 Training Dates TBA soon! 


20% off in studio series & workshops during training

Hybrid training model in person and online


All hours count towards your training hours and are required to complete this course. At home practice hours, reading and homework is in addition to these required hours. Scroll down for prerequisites application and pricing. 

  • This course is not about perfecting your form in sun salutations, although you'll learn healthy modifications and body mechanics to find alignment along the way. It's about learning how to use yoga poses, respiration techniques and mindfulness practices, in any modification, variation or sequence to support and empower you and your clients/patients/students emotional and mental wellbeing and nervous systems. 

  • In the same breathe, this course is NOT a replacement for professional therapy or medical intervention. This is complimentary practice in addition to being under the protective care and guidance of a professional mental health counselor, therapist or doctor appropriate to your situation or health concerns. 

  • The content of this training is delivered in a modern day relevant and digestible in format.  We adapt the practice and training to the current state of the world and the emotional availability and responsiveness/readiness of the group. 

  • We use the vehicle and experience of yoga, a body centered mindfulness practice,  to cultivate a wellbeing tool box you can use in daily life and share with others. We honor the roots of the yogic system through the lens of science and adapt the practice to support modern living. 

   This is a professional course for a mature audience dedicated to understanding how yoga and mindfulness can appropriately and safely be taught to the general public and special populations of all ages and backgrounds. This training is trauma informed, aware and respectful, for yourself and others. Even if you decide not to teach classes and you are doing this for your own personal evolution there is still a level of focus and dedication required. This is a training that focuses heavily on trauma awareness and psychological responsibility in the classroom, your own first and foremost. Only from an informed and supported place can we then guide others.

There is a level high of emotional maturity and collective respect for the practice and your fellow classmates required as well as the availability to absorb and reflect on significant content relative to the anatomical reality and challenges that the human spirit endures and has endured since the dawn of time. Coming to the practice inebriated or high, hungover or under the influence of illegal drugs or abuse of prescription medication, or vaping (anything) during practice during our time together will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave either the training at large or that session. If you are asked to leave one particular session that will need to be made up in a private tutorial at $90 per hour missed.  If you are planning on leading this practice you need to be in alignment, present and in control of your senses. It's a free will universe and what you do outside the training is up to you, this rule is for times when we are in practice together. You are free to choose, but yoga teaches us we are not free from the consequences of our choices. This is not a dedicated substance abuse recovery program and if you are in recovery you may want to wait for at least a solid year or two of recovery before applying for this training. 

We are working through generational and systemic nervous system evolution and cycles during this training. Sometimes things come up. When/if this happens you will be supported, guided to seek out appropriate outside resources or medical/mental health professionals. Yoga teacher training is the next level of " Courage work " and it's important to have a village of supportive resources to turn to when you need them. As you support your self you'll also build the " muscles" and resources to support your community. This is part of our practice and training on understanding scope of practice and limitations. Yoga and mindfulness are incredible, but the human body, psyche and spirit need many elements of support for balance. 


Our unique style of training serves 2 unique populations of learners

1. Traditional, curious, avid yoga enthusiasts, looking to take their practice and turn it into a life style and possibly either a complimentary or professional career as a teacher of peace.  Yoga asana, philosophy and a vast understanding of the anatomy and physiology is emphasized along with how to gently tend to the fires of the heart within yourself and those around you. Whether you are looking to teach, or not, you'll be well prepared to do so. and you will be your own first student. We teach what we need to learn. 

2. Social workers, therapists, educators/administrators, medical and first responders this training becomes not only a life preserver in the realm of self care, it becomes part of your professional and personal first aid kit. As they say on airplanes, put your own oxygen mask on first. You'll learn in depth anatomy, biology and neurobiology through the vehicle of the body by way of yoga asana and philosophy, theory and DBT inspired yogic teachings. From first hand experience you'll be able to share with your clients, patients and students these yogic inspired tools to empower them to better function and thrive in their daily life.  From our previous educators and social workers that have gone through this program we've gotten feedback of seeing progress in real time that these techniques work immediately, effectively, and are easy to assimilate into daily life for both practitioners and their populations and communities. This ancient spiritual science teaches how to access and balance the secret language between the mind, body and spirit. 

  This course meets and goes beyond all the requirements for a 200 hour yoga teacher training program as a Registered Yoga Alliance 200 hour School of Yoga.  

Requirements + Dates

* This training is intended to be held in person in small groups of 10 or less. We are also in a pandemic due to the Covid-19 virus. Depending on conditions some of this training may need to be held virtually if/when necessary. You will be alerted in advance and prepared for whichever environment is safe and accessible at the start of and through out the training. 

  •  A minimum 2 months to a year of practice with Aline, preferably consecutively but cumulatively works as well. 

  •  A minimum of 1 year of consistent yoga practice with any teacher, this could be collectively over the course of several years.

  •  In addition to attendance and participation during training weekends, you will also need to attend 1 weekly group studio series and stick with it through out the course of the training.  Dates, days times TBD by the availability of each group and the studio schedule. Homework via reading, practice teaching and some short writing projects will also be required outside of classroom time. 

  • This is a professional training, whether you are joining with or without the intention to teach. You will need to arrive to each class at least 10 - 15 minutes early to settle in and prepare for practice. Showing up early is honoring the tradition of yoga Sadhana (practice) as well as supporting and respecting your own nervous system and the nervous systems of your fellow classmates. It's something you'll need to develop as a teacher and an invaluable life skill. Discipline builds self esteem and over time becomes a devotion to the betterment of your own spirit which is at the root of this training and Yoga itself. 

  • This training is based on hours and being late or missing a weekend day is strongly discouraged and will set you back. Should a weekend training day be missed due to illness or emergency, you will need to make up each day via a 2 hour tutorial at $90 per hour for each day missed. Missing more than one weekend disqualifies you from completing the training, this course is hands on and being present for all hours is a huge part of the process. See application for details on absence.

  •  Application needs to be filled out with a deposit $250 - this deposit goes towards your tuition fee. If this program is not a good fit for you or the school your deposit will be returned * SEE APPLICATION NOTE BELOW - Training payments made in advance are fully refundable up until the day before the training begins. After training begins there are no refunds. 

Training Cost 

Early bird pricing is $2900 +CT sales tax if paid in full before October 1st, 2022 

Cost of the full training is $3250 +CT sales tax.

Payment plans are available upon request. Payment plans not available for early bird pricing. 

What's included during training: 

* A free pass to our online Ascend channel that includes the entire library of classes and meditations and all of our currently weekly series live streams and libraries. 

* Private access to the trainee portal with anatomy lessons, posture clinic tutorials and recorded lessons and discussions from training for your review. Life time access to this information after graduation!

* Free pass towards our Sunday weekly community class during the training period

* 20% discount on any in studio series, workshops or private sessions or wellness services with Aline - this discount does not count towards make up private sessions for missed hours on training weekends, but could include private sessions outside of training make ups for potential missed sessions. 

* 300 page Training manual and resources guide, plus anatomy manual written by Cheri Tabone LMT. 

* Copy of Bhagavad Gita by Eknath Eswaran and Patanjali's Yoga Sutras

* Weekend training and studio practice with lead teacher Aline Marie which includes 25 hours of anatomy training with Cheri Tabone LMT

* 25+ hours of practice in open weekly group classes at the studio (Sunday classes). 

About the application: 

 The application is thorough to determine what your current level of knowledge is around yoga and your experiences on the mat, it's also to discern if emotionally and psychologically the timing is right for you to attend.


What does that mean?

This course is NOT a replacement therapy or a medical/psychological intervention nor is it an alternative for being under the protective care and direct guidance of a professional medical or mental health counselor, therapist or doctor.  If you are currently navigating significant life changes, major loss, are undergoing treatment for cancer or a major immune system pathology or health concern, the requirements of this training may not be in your best interest at this time. This level of honesty if pivotal for your own health and safety but also for the health and well being of the group that collects for this training. Admission to this program is based on the above concerns and at the sole discretion of the lead teacher. 

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