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2023 Dates are UP!

200 hour Registered School of Yoga 

      Modern Hatha Yoga is as old as it is new. The mission is to use ancient wisdom with modern science to create an experience that cultivates self empowerment, mental/physical/emotional well-being. Each teaching experience offered is custom tailored to both individuals and groups present in any class setting. The vehicle we use to do this is Yoga. Teachers from this training are prepared to meet each body where they are and teach people, not just poses. 

    This training stands out in that you will learn as a teacher to reach almost any population and have the skilled yoga "toolset" to do so effectively. There is a strong focus on learning about the psychology of yoga as it pertains to supporting each student, trauma and teaching to special populations.  Extreme care is taken to help you deeply understand the anatomical magic and motor functioning of the body as well as attention to the tenderness and magnificent capacity of the experience of the human spirit. 

   As of the last two years our program has shifted towards supporting social workers, therapists - of all kinds, the medical and education community and first responders. These techniques are heavily backed by peer reviewed science and proven effectiveness for both clients, patients and practitioners in the above mentioned fields. Click the button below to learn more about this program, upcoming training dates and requirements and more. This course teaches traditional yoga asana practice as a conduit to build and strengthen a mindfulness practice. This training is the best of both worlds!

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