How to find lessons. The Pose Tutorials are in here numerically and sequentially. Think of Table Pose as number 1. To search for a pose type in the English pose name in the search bar. For small snippets of our tangents search for " Insights" for clips with interesting tidbits and thoughts.

In an effort to make up for time in the classroom we've lost during the pandemic below are three upcoming series access channels for you to attend in real time or anytime after they stream. Essentials is helpful for understanding how to use props in real time, Advance & Align is helpful for the more complicated poses and how to prep and get into them, and Deep Restore is a true restorative yoga class, how to use limited props and understand the pacing. 


All of these will deepen your own practice to varying capacities and they will help you teach others, should you choose to hold group or individual lessons. 

Essentials of Yoga series - Monday's @ 6pm 

Advance & Align - Monday's @ 7:30pm 

Deep Restore - Tuesday's @ 6:30pm