Aline Marie

Chief Peace Keeper

Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist & Artist

Aline Marie, Chief Peace Keeper and founder of the N.Y.C. Aline has been teaching yoga for over 16 years all over the country and internationally. Trained at the esteemed Kripalu Insititute in Lennox, Mass, she specializes in trauma aware yoga, spinal and structural injuries, special populations navigating PTSD, ADHD, children and adults on the autistic and Asperger's spectrum, and everyone in between. Aline also is a licensed massage therapist specializing in Thai Yoga Massage. Aline also offers Brain Spotting sessions for those looking to delve deeper into healing the past gently by resetting the nervous system through the movement of the eyes. Originally an artist and yoga teacher by accident Aline was the first artist in the country to hand paint yoga mats and has over 600 located all around the globe For more about Aline go to: www.alinemarie.com

Cheri Tabone

Massage Therapist, Kinesiology & Yoga Teacher

Cheri is a graduate of the 1100 hour, two-year clinical program at the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy in Westport, CT, a member of the AMTA and licensed in CT and NH. Cheri is also a 200 hour Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher and the lead anatomy instructor for Modern Hatha School of Yoga. Cheri’s welcoming smile and warm manner are the precursor to a wonderful massage experience. Climb onto her table and prepare to let your aches dissolve and your stress dissipate as Cheri gets to work on ‘the issues in your tissues.’ As a teacher of moving arts and yoga, Cheri is educational, empowering and enthusiastic in her approach to teaching and sharing her vast knowledge and skillset. You'll leave her table or your yoga mat feeling refreshed and inspired! To learn more about Cheri and to book a massage appointment at the studio go to: www.CheriTabone.com

Denise Logan

Studio Manager & Yoga Teacher

Denise discovered her true passion and calling while participating in her first yoga class 15 years ago. Taking her practice to the next level, she completed her yoga teacher training certification with Aline's Modern Hatha School of Yoga. And recently became a certified Barre instructor. Denise Is also the Manager of Newtown Yoga Center. Grateful for the opportunity to share her spiritual journey with the hope of resonating with other seekers, she begins each class with a brief yet thought-provoking quote, life experience and observation, or uplifting information. As a teacher, Denise most appreciates what she learns from her students.

Tammy Gruber

Pilates Teacher

Fitness & Wellness Educator

Tammy Gruber has been in the fitness and wellness industry for over 25 years . Her passion is to teach people how to move safely and be pain free in their bodies . She specializes in Pilates and Yoga Tune Up®movement work. Her motto is "Transform Through Balance" Tammy's classes are equal parts empowering and educational, within the span of an hour you'll learn and strengthen your body through her expansive body knowledge base and wisdom through functional movement. Tammy blends life wisdom with her anatomical expertise and incredible compassion for a complete well being experience not to be missed! ​ For more information check out her site : www.awellnesslife.com

Wendy Verga

Physical Therapist, 

Yoga & Spiritual Teacher

Wendy is a licensed Physical Therapist, who found herself on a yoga mat 15 years ago and never left! In 2008 she made the transition from PT to Yoga Instructor, and it continues to be her passion. Wendy's teaching style is greatly influenced by the principles of Anusara Yoga. She begins each class with a contemplation, and carries her theme throughout the class-allowing one to embody their practice physically, intellectually and spiritually. Expect to leave Wendy's class feeling strong, supported, inspired and empowered!

Lauren Gomola

Yoga Teacher 

Lauren is a NASM certified personal trainer and graduate of the Modern Hatha School of Yoga. After finding her own yoga practice many years ago, she connected the missing pieces and found balance in her physical and mental health. Her belief is that resistance is for the weight room and acceptance is for the mat. Lauren’s goal with every class is to create a safe space for bodies of all types to find the practice that works for them. 

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