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Our Next Training Begins

February 29th, 2020! 


Embody. Model. Lead 


    Modern Hatha Yoga is as old as it is new, always evolving and adapting to the needs of students every time. 

   This training stands out in that you will learn as a teacher to reach any population and have the skilled yoga "toolset" to do so effectively. There is a strong focus on learning about the psychology of yoga as it pertains to supporting each student, trauma and teaching to special populations.  Extreme care is taken to help you deeply understand the anatomical magic and motor functioning of the body as well as attention to the tenderness and magnificent capacity of the experience of the human spirit. 

  This course meets and goes beyond all the requirements for a 200 hour yoga teacher training program as a Registered Yoga Alliance School of Yoga.  



Our first 10 month program designed with the idea of an adult learning model. More time between weekends allows more space for integration and personal processing and supports a full schedule for working adults who may or may not be also raising a family. As with all trainings that are based on hours, very limited time can be missed, see rules below. 

February 29/March 1

March 14/15

April 4/5

May 2/3

June 6/7

July 11/12

August 8/9

September 12/13

October 17/18

November 14/15

Hours: Saturday 8:00am - 6pm 

             Sunday     8:00am - 3pm

             (meal and rest breaks included in hours)

                 *Additional homework and hours outside classroom time will be required. 


Base Training Tuition Includes:

  • 10 months of Unlimited open weekly yoga classes from February 29th until November 30th

  • 160 hours of in the classroom training with the lead teacher and 40 hours of online training via access to our private online training site only for trainees. 

  • 20% off of all on site/in studio series, workshops and events. 

  • Official Modern Hatha School of Yoga swag, t-shirt, sweatshirt, and water bottle at the end of training. 

  • 200 + page Training Manual and a copy of the Bhagavad Gita. 

  • 2 hours of 1:1 private sessions with lead teacher Aline Marie **note: 1:1 sessions included in training do not count towards potential missed class/day make ups see ** below

Tuition Tiers

Level 1: Base Training:  


  • Includes all of the above mentioned

  • 2 Payment plans are available - email for details 

Level 2: Refined Foundations: 


  • 2 Payment Plans are available

  • Includes all of the above in the base training plus:

  •  6 additional hours of private yoga and tutorial instruction with Aline on top of the two included. Note: Refined Foundations private sessions do not count towards missed day tutorials, these are additional to the base training and it's outlines. 

  • A full year of unlimited weekly yoga classes starting January - December 31st, 2020. 



This is an hours based training meaning being late or missing a weekend isn't ideal. That being said, life happens. Should you miss a weekend you'll need to schedule two, two hour tutorials with either Cheri or Aline, depending on the weekend and material missed at $90 per hour. If you are late you'll need to make up that time as well. Tutorials may be shared with additional students to split the cost.


Only one weekend may be missed to qualify for graduation. More than one weekend missed disqualifies you for graduation. There are no refunds or reimbursements if you decide to quit the training after it has begun, or if you miss more than 1 allowed weekend and have to forfeit the training. Unlimited yoga classes will cease after your exit from the training. This will be handled on a case by case basis. 

***We have a studio Therapy Dog who on occasion will join us during the training. Should you be allergic or uncomfortable around dogs please let us know and we will make arrangements for him to not be present on training days. 


A collective minimum of 1 year of yoga practice (any style) in the past or presently practicing. A minimum of 2 months of yoga practice with Aline. 



Please email for more details on the training and to receive your application.   

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Teachers of NYC!

From the far right, Eliza, Kim and Amanda have all gone through teacher training with Aline, each with a different style that they have developed from what they learned along the way! From the far left, Wendy is a self taught teacher in the Anusara style of yoga and Tammy is a master Pilates teacher and fitness trainer and wellness coach. All these ladies live the philosophies and lifestyles that they teach!