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In studio series

Studio Series
Online registration required

Groups that flow together grow together!
Enjoy practicing with the same group of dedicated and amazing people each week!
Participants get the full bundle of access to join the series in person, and/or by live stream AND access the recorded series class library anytime during the course of each series!
Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

In studio, in person protocol PLEASE READ: 


  • Bringing your own yoga mat and water, additional props such as blocks etc are provided. There are no loaner mats offered at this time. Due to the aftermath of Covid - 19, we do not currently offer blankets but we do have foam knee pads.

  • All in studio participants are now welcome to wear a mask or not wear a mask,. Disposable medical paper masks are available anytime. This may be retracted at any time if Covid 19 case numbers rise. 

  • If you have been exposed to Covid-19 or are sick in any capacity, congested, sore throat, stuff nose, not sure if its allergies, please protect the community and stay home. All in studio classes are live streamed and recorded and in studio series participants also have access to online during the course of each of the series.

  • There are no make ups in other classes or series, discounts or refunds for missed series classes. Series participants also get access to the series classes live streamed plus the entire unique series libraries. 

  • If you have a unique physical issue or injury please email the studio so accommodations may be made, whenever possible, so you can have the most supportive experience while attending. 

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