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The Newtown Yoga Center
is a trauma aware and
kindness based studio.

What does that mean? It means that there may be students attending classes that have various levels of direct, indirect and complex post traumatic stress response. 


Our " job " as students is to cultivate the culture of kindness and welcome everyone in with a gentle heart. We do not always know the stories of the people sitting beside us in class, nor can we make assumptions. All we can do is be respectful, compassionate and empathetic. 


Life is tricky and everyone is doing the best they can. We are all fortunate to get to enjoy each others company and share this practice of mindfulness and reach towards peace together


Please bring your own bottled water, no coffee in the studio. We love coffee but if it spills it will smell like coffee forever! Tea is ok. 

 Please bring your own mat to the studio. Masks must be worn at all times - see in studio class page for details. If you are sick, getting over a cold/allergy/not sure, or have been infected or exposed to the Covid-19 virus please stay home. All classes can be experienced virtually as well now both in real time life and pre-recorded. 


No essential oils or heavy perfumes, we have students with respiratory conditions


No soliciting. Networking is awesome, but not at the studio. Students are coming here for relaxation, take it outside. Please do not ask to host an essential oils workshop. 


Cellphones, need to be placed on do not disturb or off. If your phone goes off please own it and take the time to get up and turn it off. No one's judging you, and honestly everyone has had it happen at least once and will be grateful for you turning it off. 

No photos of students without their permission. A teacher will always ask if it's okay to take a photo, you are always able to say no with no questions asked. 


We are a chatty, bubbly group! Please respect if someone wants to rest quietly on their mat and not engage. We always want to respect others privacy.  


Reminder not to walk on each others yoga mats, this is where they place their face and hands and is for all intensive purposes, sacred space. 


Probably the most important on this list. Please use Common Sense Wisdom on the mat. You are not obligated to participate in any activity you are not comfortable with. You have a right to let the teacher know if you do not want to be touched. You have a right to honor your body and personal space. Lastly, if any activity doesn't feel good, don't do it! Everyone still goes to " yoga heaven " lol and gets all the yoga brownie points. The most important thing is that you feel safe, comfortable and heard. 

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