Thai Yoga Massage

Assisted Shiatsu style stretching & acupressure

  • 1 hour
  • 100 US dollars
  • 78 South Main Street

Service Description

Please read Covid 19 safety protocols and cancelation protocol and directions on the main page. Email to book your appointment Thai Yoga Massage is a 2500 year old Asian Healing Art. It's a blend of assisted yoga stretches, Shiatsu style finger pressing and acupressure palm pressing on Meridian (energy) lines of the body in a slow, gentle rhythm. Hands, feet, elbows, forearms and legs are all tools the practitioner uses to facilitate these stretches and compressions. Thai Yoga Massage is best received fully clothed on padded mats on the floor, no oils or lotions are used. What to wear? Long comfortable sweatpants or yoga pants, long or short sleeved t-shirt. What to expect? All the benefits of relaxation and release from a good yoga class, but with none of the work. The slow rhythmic palm pressing over the muscles creates a sense of calm and ease for the central nervous system, naturally inviting muscles to soften as they are pressed, stretched, and rocked. Who can benefit from this? Anyone with overall tight muscular tension, is under high or chronic stress or who would like to experience compassionate safe touch and the essence of massage while keeping clothes on, or someone who is new to experiencing massage and bodywork. It's a gentle introduction to therapeutic touch. How is this different than Swedish massage or deep tissue? Clothes stay on, no oils or lotions are used and this is more broad and less specific in terms of treating areas of high muscular tension or discomfort. Think of Thai Massage metaphorically like the forest, big picture and Swedish massage or deep tissue like the trees in terms of details and working out or on specific parts of the body. No claims are made that Thai Yoga Massage can heal or cure any ailment nor is this a substitute for professional medical or mental health care, this is a complimentary service to any current health care protocol you may already have in place. Please arrive a few minutes early to your appointment to settle in and give yourself time after the session to move slowly and with ease. This treatment is most effective when you can enjoy some down time after and not rush. Please refrain from drinking caffeinated drinks before or after your session and plan to hydrate with water a bit more after. Please email to book your appointment - 24 advance reschedule/cancellation is required or your will be charged for any missed/no call-no show/last minute cancellations.