Jin Shin Acutouch

Acupressure Therapy

  • 1 hour
  • 85 US dollars
  • 78 South Main Street

Service Description

Please see Covid-19 Safety protocol on main page Jin Shin Acutouch or Jitsu is a 3,000-year-old asian healing art that uses light touch over specific points on the body to restore balance to your nervous system and whole body. "Jin Shin Jitsu literally translates to “The Art of the Creator Through the Person of Knowing and Compassion.” - UC San Diego School of Medicine. JSJ is part of the treatment protocol for UCSD's Center for Integrative Medicine! How does Jin Shin work? Think of your body as an electrical system like in a house, imagine trying to plug a lamp into a socket with very little electrical connection, the light will still shine but not at full brightness. Jin Shin is like jumper cables, reconnecting any disruptions in the electrical system of the body aka the Chi/Prana/Energy/Nervous system lines, through touching 26 energy locks around the periphery of the feet, legs, spine, shoulders, arms, hands, neck and head. They are pressed and held slowly in a sequence to balance these energy points in the body. It's slow gentle work that is beneficial & supportive for your nervous system. Jin Shin Acutouch is different than Reiki in that Reiki is hands off, no touch, energy flow is coming from the natural elements to the person in need through the hands of the practitioner; whereas Jin Shin is received by touching acupressure points on the body to support reconnecting the energy flow already present but perhaps disrupted. Jin Shin is best received fully clothed resting comfortably on the massage table. What to expect during a treatment? Relaxation, balance of your central nervous system and calm, you may even fall asleep or feel like you are lightly napping. No claims are made that Jin Shin Acutouch can heal or cure any ailment nor is this a substitute for professional medical or mental health care, this is a complimentary service to any current health care protocol you may already have in place. Please arrive a few minutes early to your appointment to settle in and give yourself time after the session to move slowly and with ease. This treatment is most effective when you can enjoy some down time after and not rush. Please refrain from drinking caffeinated drinks before or after your session and plan to hydrate with water a bit more after. Please emailAline@thenewtownyogacenter.com to book your appointment - 24 advance reschedule/cancellation is required or your will be charged for any missed/no call-no show/last minute cancellations. .