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Making Dreams Come True

A message from Aline..

I found yoga by accident and by the Grace of a life force that wasn't ready for me to leave yet. . The Buddha says that enlightenment happens by accident and that yoga makes you prone to " accidents".  Though no where close to enlightenment, I fully enjoy the rewards and continued surprises the practice of Yoga unfolds which are seemingly miraculous and endless every day. 

You may occasionally see this four legged angel in the studio. This is Truth Lightening aka Piggy Smalls. He is an American Bulldog, was born deaf and is a certified therapy dog . American Bulldogs are not pitbulls. There are distinct differences and I'm always happy to educate others on breed identifications and dog etiquette and education. American bulldogs  are more known for having a stable temperament and a more laidback attitude and even-temper. We speak through American sign language, eye contact, light touch cues and through our hearts. Truth has been attending yoga class with me since he was a small puppy out in California where we found each other. He is a gentle man and very well behaved and well trained. He lay-stays while I teach exclusively and knows his role to be as respectful as possible as a " Doga " Teacher. Truth is an official Therapy Dog via training through The Exceptional Pet Sidekick Service dogs. We do have some trauma survivors that request his presence during our private yoga sessions. His presence is calming and kind by nature.


Should you have an allergy to dogs or a natural aversion to four legged creatures- please note the above times he may be in the studio. We are located below an amazing Dog groomer called Divine Dogs, and there may be dogs at any time on the property, most are leashed but not all. . 

For more details about my personal story and background click here. 

Aline Marie 
Founder & Lead Yoga Mechanic

Turning a Vision into Reality

The Newtown Yoga Center was birthed by an entire community that stood by my side during one of the most cathartic and challenging years of my life.


The Newtown Community, while navigating the personal details of their own hardships in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Tragedy, has been supportive, loving and kind beyond measure, to me and to each other. It's gorgeous, awesome, humbling and an honor to witness and be a part of such a phenomenal group of souls and have a permanent space where we can safely enjoy Yoga practice and each other.  


Our numbers of individuals breathing towards greater peace grow every day. We are tremendously blessed to have each other. I feel this deeply every day. 

 " We are all walking each other " home. 
~ Ram Dass

Studio Philosophy  

I know I can speak for myself and all of the confident, educated and passionate teachers on staff when I say that we teach people, not poses.

The yoga poses are simply a vehicle to educate students about their

body and support both physically, mentally

and emotionally the processing of their life experience. We lightly call it an offer to allow the soul to catch up with the body.


Yoga offers students an invitation to explore gently, greater insight into who they truly are and how to more comfortably and peacefully live in their body in this very fast and changing world.  


We believe in science before dogma. We honor the preferences of each individual spirit and their life/personal beliefs before philosophy. We as teachers of peace equally blend the science and poignancy of anatomy and the art of the practice of Yoga to create a safe, healthy and kind experience that is INCLUSIVE to ALL bodies. Complete non- judgmental of all belief systems is standardand each student is welcomed into classes wholeheartedly based on the importance of honoring their humanity first. 


We practice and uphold strong ethics, integrity, and honesty as teachers and human beings. Our role is not to be super perfect but to be real and offer to our students the opportunity to be authentic as well. Teachers are not guru's , that system is outdated and psychologically unsafe.  As teachers we " hold space " as guides for each student to feel safe, invited and cared for to explore the practice of Yoga in a way that serves them uniquely.

" Not all who wander are lost. " 
~ J.R.R. Tolkien
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