For those considering joining multiple studio series, you'll need to make separate transactions... for now while we roll this new tech out. Exhale with me lol 

   On the purchase of your additional series please use code TWOSERIES on checkout to apply 10% off the total. Thank you for your patience with the extra step and thank you for your interest in extra yoga! 

Series are listed by start date and time of day offered. 


In Studio Series

In studio, in person protocol PLEASE READ: 


  • Bringing your own yoga mat and water, additional props such as blocks etc are provided. There are no loaner mats offerd at this time. Due to the aftermath of Covid - 19, we do not currently offer blankets but we do have foam knee pads.


  • For those planning to participate in person series, please email the studio a copy of your Covid - 19 vaccination card, or if you prefer,  make arrangements ahead of time to bring it in person.

  • If we have a class of fully vaccinated participants it will be mask optional.


  • If we have a class of mixed vaccinated & non-vaccinated masks will be required for everyone in the class including the teacher.  

  • Presenting your vaccination certificate does not guarantee a mask optional experience if we have a mixed group. All participants will be contacted before the start with details of whether masks will be optional or required. 

  • If you are sick in any capacity, congested, sore throat, stuff nose, not sure if its allergies, please protect the community and stay home. All in studio classes are live streamed and recorded and in studio participants also have access to online during the course of the 4 week series. 

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