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We are moving to the app january 15th, 2024! 

Our time has arrived! 

Peace on Demand® the app arrives on Monday January 15th!


  • Current and new subscribers, on Monday you'll be able to head to the app store and download the app for free.


  • An email will go out to you with details and you'll be asked to change your log in credentials and be given a temporary password which you can change. You'll get direct links to sign in and I'll add them here as well on Monday. 

  • All live streams and classes with Aline will be hosted from the app and you will NOT need to log in to the website to join or watch any of the on demand classes from the library. So this page will say goodbye and so will the tech issues, thank goodness! 

  GIANT THANK YOU to everyone who has held on and sustained their subscriptions and helped the studio stay afloat, literally - especially with all the floods! This has taken me 4 years to find the right platform and 20 years of experience to share. My intention is that the app makes life for all of us easier! 

​What's in the app? 

  • In addition to live streams of class and series recordings with Aline, Peace on Demand® is meant to be a one stop place for personal empowerment through the lens of Yoga and Mindfulness and the body. 20 years and 20,000+ hours of teaching and breathing with humanity, there was a call in my heart to create this after hearing so many requests for a resource of resources to turn to.


  • Anatomy images and education, learn how to talk to your doctor anatomically

  • Brain health education (neurochemistry, metabolic connections to behavior and brain functions),

  • Social strategies (tools to use off the mat and in the world for anxiety, depression, panic attacks, overwhelm, hypersensitivity)

  • Video library of live streams, recordings, vinyasa, restorative, prenatal, nature videos, color visualizations for meditations

  • Yoga Pose library, modifications, tips, tricks alignment

  • Audio library, guided visualizations, meditations, nature sounds, Noise colors (white, brown, green, pink), bi-neural beats and 438Mhz music to soothe brainwave states

  • Lifestyle, Yogic and Buddhist philosophy on life, mindfulness, recipes, sleep hygiene and support, Chakras, Koshas and yogic principles

  • Soul Support, nationwide hotlines for emergencies, therapy, emotional crisis, grief, suicide prevention, how to find a therapist, defining alternative complimentary therapies, reframing mental health, building self esteem, websites and book recommendations.

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