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 Wellness for Professionals

management + staff + professional development

administration + educators + students

Immediate stress relief for staff, teams and management

     Mindfulness practices for the education system and corporate world. Training and guidance for schools, administration, small businesses and companies looking to support staff with relatable, accessible mindfulness tools to increase mental and emotional wellbeing. Results include but are not limited to: greater personal, interpersonal team morale and work culture, immediately effective adaptive stress relief strategies to use on the job and in daily life, clearer communication i.e. respond versus react, enhanced health awareness resulting in less sick days, increased productivity and enthusiasm for the work at hand. 

   Sessions are custom designed in length and concept to meet and address the learning styles of the unique individuals present in each training while keeping in mind the company, school or administrations mission objective for mental health and wellbeing. We will work together to build a mindfulness experience and strategy that blends physiological stress techniques that enhance mental and emotional wellbeing with relatable anatomical education for a complete experience that both alleviates stress and empowers individuals to take control of how they navigate daily challenges.


Understanding how the body works and handles stress is equally as important as knowing what to do when the body is experiencing stress. One is incomplete without the other! 

Strategies include but are not limited to: breathing exercises for increased mental focus and stress management, anatomically effective body mechanic awareness and adjustment techniques, sensorimotor enhancement skills for greater environmental adaptive responses. 

Cost varies and is typically based per hour and  location, in studio or virtual. Virtual hour long session(s) can be broken up into 15, 20 or 30 minute sessions .


Email for pricing details on group size or offsite events or workshops. 

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