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Hand Painted Yoga Mats

daryls mat full.HEIC
Emily mandala close up.HEIC

Aline was the first artist in the country to start hand painted yoga mats back in 2004. Over 600 mats have been painted since then all around the world! They have been sold in high end boutiques such as the Golden Door in San Marcos, CA and all kinds of shops and yoga studios around the country. 

Each mat is a visual prayer. They are meditated on, prayed with peace over,  filled with attention to detail and created with incredible love, unique to each person they are commissioned for. No two are exactly alike! They last for years and are a really thoughtful and personalized gift for yourself and your yoga practice or for someone you care about. 

Fill out the form below to order and scroll down to see some samples/examples of custom mats over the years.


Any questions or need something different that what is on the order form? Send an email to and let's see what we can co-create together. 

How to order a mat

Choose a mat color 
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blue mat roll.png
purple jute.png
red jute.png
brown jute.png
Choose an image style (below are just examples of previous commissions)
Emily mandala full.HEIC
Denise ananda mat.JPG
Abby mermaid mat .HEIC
Bees yoga mat.JPG
Tammy's mat full.JPG
1.  Fill out and submit the custom mat order form 
2. Select the button below to purchase the mat
Materials? Mats are painted on latex and phthalate free PER sticky mats blended natural Jute grass fibers. They are 1/4" thick, cushiony and have great grip. The paint is non-toxic and the images are sealed with a non-toxic, flexible waterproof varnish. 

Function? These are functional art! They can be played, practiced, stepped and sweated on! Each piece is hand painted, unique and lasts up to 900 uses or more depending on how well it's cared for. 

Maintenance? To ensure your image lasts please follow these guidelines:

 1. Please use the wax paper cover provided to cover your image before your roll up your mat. It takes a while for the varnish to cure per se and the natural oils of your hands and feet to take the stickiness away. The wax paper prevents the image from sticking to the mat and yoga mat rubbing off on the image. 

2. Keep mat rolled up with wax paper especially if leaving the mat in a hot car - avoid leaving the mat in a hot or very cold car for extended time. In a hot car (without the wax paper and sometimes with depending on the extreme of the heat) the image can get ruined by the mat sticking to it. In a cold car the image could crack. 

3. Cleaning?
Easy to clean! Simply wipe the mat down with a gentle soap, soft cloth and some water. I sometimes leave mine out in the rain and bring it inside to dry!

How long to get the mat? If I don't have the mat color in stock it needs to be ordered, which takes about a week to get delivered. Each mat takes about a week to paint give or take depending on how fast the paint dries and how many orders I'm working on at a time. You are looking at a 2 - 3 week turn around time from the date the mat is originally purchased. This is if all goes well with supply chains and being able to get the mats in from the warehouses. 

What does it come with? Each mat will be wrapped with a custom sized wax paper cover to protect the image. It also includes a certificate of authenticity that it's an Aline Marie Original piece and a hand written note with some insights on meanings behind the images and any quotes, mantra or blessings for the recipient. 
Aline Marie hand painted yoga yogamat catalog
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