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In Person Classes

We are getting a new website and booking program! 

  •    You'll see only this weeks drop in classes available to sign up and our upcoming February series offerings. We will be on the new booking system within the week!

  • You'll still go this same website address it will just have a different look! 


  • If you are a current class pass holder your pass will transfer over to the new platform. ​​

  • Thank you for your patience as we make this exciting transition!



In Person Classes + Series

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how to go to yoga?

It's hard to figure out where to start if you've never been! Our studio is structured a bit differently than most. We are a series based studio with only a few drop in classes.

What to bring?
  A yoga mat, a bottle of water, wear layers for body temperature fluctuation. We do have water service here as well. We don't rent out yoga mats. Shoes off by the cubbies, phones on silent or off (on call folks can keep them with them) no coffee in here, only because it if spills it will smell like Starbucks forever lol 

Which class to take? 

If you aren't sure if you are ready to commit to a series, trying out either the slower paced Saturday Special Blend class at 10am with Melanie or the active Sunday Awaken at 8:30am with Aline is a great place to start. These allow you to come when it works for you (sign up ahead of time online, we don't permit walks in's due to space limitations) you can try out the class and get a feel for the studio and community. If you are ready to jump in the Essentials of Yoga series is a perfect entrance to a yoga " career ", it's slow, educational, alignment based with plenty of room for questions and inquiry. We also have a Men's intro to yoga series for biological male bodies that would like detailed anatomical cueing and instruction for the male physical archetype. 

 For those that are looking to save some money and see the physical and mental health benefits of a consistent practice, a series is a great place to start as well. Every 4 - 5 weeks we start a new series set, there is no commitment to come to every series, join any series you're interested in when it works for you. The perks include getting to see real time results in your strength, flexibility and resilience to stress through the consistent commitment. You get to know the people in the class which really builds community, trust and a sense of camaraderie with your classmates. Instead of something you do here an there, series support you turning a fitness hobby into a healthy lifestyle.
Folks who join series will tell you the results are lasting and life enhancing. 

We also have an exclusive online platform and now app called Peace on Demand® where you can join any of the series with Aline live streamed and all the recordings, plus meditations and special series.  The online is a valuable asset, you can press play, pause, groove to your own music, and practice when the time works for you.

Click the image below to learn more! 


how to yoga
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